Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Battle of the Ninjas: Team Peeta vs Team Gale!!

The (friendly) face-off begins when Nin tells Ja to read an article from the brilliant Persnickety Snark, who wrote an article about why she’s Team Gale (which is really the only one to go with - if your name is Ja). Our two heroines battle out the age-old argument of Team Gale versus Team Peeta (which we personally think is a much more controversial argument than Team Jacob versus Team Edward, b/c frankly we don't like either but we side with Edward b/c hello...Breaking Dawn, do you need more convincing?)...

Ready...? FIGHT!!!


Ja: Ugh...there's too many words. I didnt make it past the list. One question - Peeta's supposed to be good looking? Really? Like I know Gale is supposed to be hot, but Peeta?

Nin: How ever do you get through thick books if you can't get past the list in that article? *snicker*

Well, in any case, she argues very well for Team Gale ('s a girl's name), but I still am Team Peeta (pocket).

Peetas lame. You dont need a whole long argument for Team Gale. You just need a few sentences...
1. Gale's Hot
2. Peeta is lame, and not hot
3. If Gale were in the HG, Katniss soo wouldnt have had to save his ass, unlike the whimpy Peeta.

Actually you just need the first two lines...

I dunno...I dont do well w/ books w/ long paragraphs. Which coincidentally is why I've never gotten thru an Anne Rice book.

Heck yeah...Gale totally empowers Katniss. And Sandra Bullock is a genius, when she says that relationships stemming from intense circumstances never last (in "Speed").

Gale sounds like he's perpetually dirty, what from being covered by the mine dust all day.

heheheh... =D

I think Peeta is supposed to be hot in a school-jock, frat-boy kind of way. Which admittedly, is not very appealing to me, but that's cuz I don't dig that kind of look. But still Team Peeta!

“Sucksville, Panem.” Persnickety Snark is hilarious. HAHAHA....

Hey man...Aragon was perptually dirty in LOTR. And Russell Crowe is normally perpetually dirty in *all* his movies. And they both still got the awesome factor.

Hot school boy jock? No i dont think so. Peeta's probably like Michael Cena except bigger. Like dorky...OOOOH!!! He's Piz*.

"The fact that he’s tall, dark and handsome doesn’t really hurt either...I am kinda shallow." (Persnickety Snark)

Word. Up.


But Russell Crowe and Aragorn were dirty from kicking ass in battles. Gale is dirty from mining. I bet Gale ends up with the mayor's daughter. Remember how she trudged from her house to Katniss's in the blizzard to bring him morphine?

Dead or Dating someone else????** oh my god. No WAY. With the mayor's daughter? ugh...She's more like Peeta's style.

Ooh plus yes...Gale was all supportive and strong and had promised to take care of her family. That was awesome and showed how much stronger their relationship was. Gale is someone she can count on, whereas Peeta is someone she'd have to care for.

Yeah but both Aragon & Crowe prove you can still be hot & awesome whilst filthy.
No way. The mayor's daughter is too vanilla and whimpy for Gale.

Hm...Kinda like how Peeta is too vanilla and whimpy for Katniss.

Besides, Peeta didnt really fall in love w/ Katniss. He fell in love w/ the image and it’s totally superficial. He never even talked to her (really) before the Games. Gale is the one who truly knows her and loves her.

I take two steps forward, I take two steps back!
We come together 'cuz opposites attract
And you know it ain't fiction just a natural fact
We come together 'cuz OPPOSITES ATTRACT!!

*rolls her eyes* You're basing your entire argument on a Paula Abdul song? Dude...that's sad.


I don't need a reason for being Team Peeta. It's my instinct. And they always say, go with your instinct. =D

cheehehehehh... arent Gibbs*** either.

Yeah I instinctively went w/ Team Gale. What can I say...he calls to me. and he's hot. And he's awesome.

So peeta gave her bread once. She (and her family) would've starved a long time ago if not for Gale and his awesomeness.

Besides dont you think it's a little...whats the word...slimey that he would use the whole HG fooling the audience thing to try and force a (pretend) relationship on katniss and coerce some action?

Hahaha...YES. That is the bestest argument ever. He used the whole HG they're gonna kill you, to cop a feel. hahahah....okay well not really cop a feel but definitely get some sorta action.

Wow...sometimes my own brilliance astounds me.

Your ability to twist a heroic plan to save Katniss (b/c let's face it, she is stupidly clueless and unobservant) into something perverted astounds me.

=D cheeeeee......

Peeta gave her HOPE. That's what that one little piece of bread was about. And you may live physically, but if your mind/spirit is broken, then what kind of life is that?

Dont you think its a little too convenient that the whole charade they had allowed him to make out w/ the girl of his dreams whom he basically stalked previously and who wouldnt give him the time of day before? Yeah...

If that little piece of bread was supposed to be hope, he should've given her a bigger piece.

He gave her two loaves. =P


Thus ended the epic Peeta Pocket vs. Gale's a Girl's Name battle (for now). Until possibly Mockingjay comes out and then we'll duke it out all over again.

*Piz is a fictional character in the highly awesome, yet sadly cancelled television series Veronica Mars. He plays Veronica’s lacking, rebound love interest after her temporary break up with Logan Echolls.

**Persnickety Snark speculates that Gale will probably wind up dead or dating someone else (the horrors…) in the third and final book. (She's probably right so you should hop on the Team Peeta train while you're ahead!)

***Gibbs is a fictional character in the fantastic CBS show NCIS. Well known for being uncannily all-knowing and usually successful when he goes with his “gut” or instinct.


  1. dude, your post just gave me a headache.

  2. i haven't read this book but let me weigh in ...

    i am team peeta because peeta sounds like pita, which is something i like to eat.

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  4. @Li - haha, this is how most of our conversations go. Try to keep up, yo.

    @babybuffalo - it's always about food with you!! hahah!!